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MARCH 2024

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March 3 - August 25, 2024
$350/month (6 months)

Paul Donnett

Stories build and change the world, and there have never been more media platforms to tell yours! 

To get your story out there, however, you’ll need to master the skills, tricks, and techniques that top content creators use every day. 

What every writer and content creator needs:

  • Training and practice 

  • Goals, deadlines and weekly check-ins

  • Guidance and feedback from an industry professional

  • A “next steps” business plan 

Sunday evenings (26 sessions)
Weekly workshops (group and 1:1) covering everything you need to write and sell at the professional level.

Different writers have different goals.

Other Services

Some are looking for a serious upgrade in their writing, others just want to find out if they can. And some want to go big. 

Live online training and in-person coaching for writers who require flexibility in scheduling and pricing.

HS & Events
Career Planning

Story In Media Certificate Program

(26 weekly evening sessions, live & online | 6 months | $350/month)

All the skills, tools, and industry connections you’ll need to write and sell stories at the professional level in film, TV, podcast, or fiction writing. 14 weekly live group lessons, 12 one-on-one workshops with the instructor, completed draft of your original story, business-ready pitch package, and direct opportunities to submit to platforms, festivals & contests. 

Advanced Script Workshop 

(Weekly sessions on your schedule, live & online | $350/month)

Want to polish a studio-ready script and pitch it to producers and major studios? Or maybe you just want to complete a passion project at a high level of quality. Either way, this dedicated one-on-one workshop will get you there. You’ll also receive coaching and templates for the “Big Four” pitch package every writer should have ready at all times, and learn how to set up your own business, strategy, and financial plan as a professional writer.

Story Analysis & Notes

If you’ve already written a script/manuscript, story outline, or pitch package, I’ll review it and provide detailed feedback notes to help you improve your narrative structure, characters, thematic development, scenes, and dialogue.

  • Treatment review (10 pages or less, including 1 hour live session) - $150

  • Script review (15 pages or less, including 1 hour live session) - $150

  • Script review (16-60 pages, including 1 hour live session) - $350

  • Script review (61-100 pages, including 1 hour live session) - $450

  • Script review (100+ pages, including 1 hour live session) - $550

  • Pitch & business package (including 1 hour live session) - $300


Pitch Package Development

($300 | Two 45-minute sessions)

Need help organizing your thoughts and materials, preparing your pitch, or building your pitch package for presentation to a producer, team, event major competition? Let me help with twenty-plus years of experience as a public speaker, pitcher, and influencer to help you create your materials and nail your pitch every time.  

Professional Writer Career Planning

($200 | one-hour session)

Whether you’re just getting started, have been trying to launch for years, or already have credits and are wanting to reinvigorate your career as an artist, you might need help figuring out exactly what to do next. From assessing your story idea to deciding your format (film, TV, other) to knowing what contests, festivals, or studios to submit to (and how) to knowing how to network effectively, I’ll help you build a dynamic “what next” plan to significantly accelerate your success.

High School & Major Event Workshops

($300 per 60-90 minute session)

Working with high school teachers and industry events across Canada over the past decade (film, drama, digital media, creative writing) I’ve developed an exercise-based, 4-part workshop that immediately shows students what festivals, studios, publishers and (most importantly) audiences want from a student film, PSA, game, or print media. Sessions: How to Generate Big Ideas, The 8 Critical Elements of Story, Making Scenes, and 1-on-1 script reviews with students.  

1-on-1 Student Coaching

(Individual session, live & online - $150/session)

Grade 9-12. Business planning and strategy for writers and other content creators, professional success habits, core skills training (ideation, story development, script formatting), pitch package creation, networking/pitching to industry reps, submitting to major events and platforms, small business setup, branding and marketing, and post-secondary preparation and application. Initial intake assessment with students and parents.

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