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Thursday, October 7

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Paul Donnett

October 7 - March 31

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Wednesdays (January 5 - June 22)
Thursdays (March 10 - August 25)

Much more than just another writing course:
  • High level industry story training
  • Small business setup
  • Direct industry networking & pitching

September 2021 - February 2022 
25 weekly workshops (group and 1:1) covering everything you need to write and sell at the professional level.

  • Develop your own unique, powerful story voice

  • Learn the top tricks of award-winning screenwriters and bestselling authors

  • Set writing goals and a schedule that syncs with your regular life

  • Design characters, worlds, and stories that industry reps are looking for 

  • Pitch to producers & publishers

  • Launch your small business as a professional writer

  • Unlock student discounts on Final Draft software and other training events

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100% Professional Focus: This course does more than simply teach students how to write, pitch, and sell. It focuses on helping them build the mindset, work ethic, tools, and habits needed to perform consistently and competently in all areas of professional and personal life. 

Different writers have different goals.

Other Services

Some are looking for a serious upgrade in their writing, others just want to find out if they can. And some want to go big. 

WriterJump provides full-service training and coaching for storytellers of all backgrounds to take them from a big idea to an industry-level final draft for submission to major platforms, festivals, and competitions.


Set your goals, build a writing schedule that works, structure and map your plot using industry tools...all while workshopping your story from start to finish with a professional writer and writing coach.

Live online training and in-person coaching for writers who require flexibility in scheduling and pricing.