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Workshop with Author Kim Hudson & Paul Donnett (April 9 & 10)

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Join us in April to explore the most exciting breakthrough in storytelling since Joseph Campbell's groundbreaking Hero's Journey!

$50 per person, with special rates for WriterJump students and alumni and K-12 teachers. See below.


Most writers have heard of the Hero's Journey, popularized by dozens of books on writing over the years. It has become such a pervasive part of the storytelling landscape, in fact, that it might be natural to assume it is the only story blueprint out there.

But what if, in the words of Master Yoda, “there is another”?

In some stories, the protagonist doesn’t necessarily visit a foreign land, surrender emotions to logic, defeat an enemy, and save the world. Sometimes they stay right where they are, pressured by their community to be something they’re not, and slowly awaken to who they really are, as they develop the love and courage to declare it to the world (Star Wars, Moonlight, An Education, Ex Machina, Her, Erin Brokovich, Joker).

In this two-day workshop, Kim and I will sit down via ZOOM to explore an entirely different narrative model that may represent not just the future of storytelling but our pathway to a better world - an idea front and centre in Kim’s book, The Virgin’s Promise.

Join us to learn more!

Friday, April 9

7:00 – 8:00PM The Hero’s Journey & Beyond

8:00 – 9:00PM Intro to the Virgin's Promise

Saturday, April 10

10:00AM – 10:50AM Virgin Genres

11:00AM – 12:00PM Heroes & Virgins in Pop Culture


• EXTENDED EARLY BIRD (before March 31): $50

• WriterJump Students & Alumni: $25 *Students, contact Paul directly to register

• Teachers (Early Bird up until event date): $50

• Regular price (after March 31): $100


See you there!

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