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Develop your story, finish your script, build your pitch, launch your career.

Can we be honest for a minute about what keeps writers from writing?

Talent, passion, desire, they're all important...but not enough.

Not to complete that writing project you keep saying "one day" about.

And definitely not to write and pitch at the professional level. 

Successful writers need:

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  • Training in the fundamentals of story and script development

  • Laser-focused writing goals

  • A realistic writing schedule and weekly accountability

  • 1-on-1 workshops with someone who knows the industry

  • An effective pitch process and business plan

  • Connections to producers, studios, and events




With Paul Donnett

Weekly, Evenings


“I found Paul's course an enjoyable and rewarding experience as he led us step by step through the writing process. A respectful listener, he takes an interest in each student's goals and ambitions, giving sound professional advice tailored to each person's abilities and skill level.”

Andy Bartlett, Animator

(Ren & Stimpy, Tank Girl, Care Bears, Being Ian)

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  • Write your script, build your pitch, launch your career.

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  • Get your script and pitch ready for major industry submission.

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  • Full review of your script + comprehensive industry-standard notes.

    1 hr

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  • Prepare your presentation properly to maximize your success.

    1 hr

    250 Canadian dollars
  • Setting up your writing business is easier than you think.

    1 hr

    200 Canadian dollars
  • 1-on-1 to answer your story questions and/or explore next steps.

    1 hr

    150 Canadian dollars
  • Professional story development and pitch preparation for industry.

    1 hr

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I started writing at age 5 because nobody told me I couldn't.

An only child in a single parent home, my favourite movies and books weren't just timekillers: they were my friends, my consorts, the universe in which all my dreams and wishes came to life. 

By high school, I was acting in plays, writing for newspapers, illustrating kids' books, and composing music. The future was mine. But like too many, I bought into the idea that artists can't make a living, so I headed for college in search of a "real job".

Teacher. Pastor. Oil rig worker. Emergency responder.


By my 30s, I was set for life... and totally miserable. But I never stopped writing.


And my 13 year-old daughter Jenni saw me doing it. 


your story?

I've got five kids but she's the one with the fearless mouth. Plus she knew me. Knew that, deep down, I wasn't an oil guy.

So one day she just laid it on the line: "Dad, you can't expect us to go out into the world and follow our dreams if you aren't going to set the example."

You get a message like that, not just from a child who gets it but echoing from your own heart, and it's time to get a move on. 

With the unflagging support of my my wife, Melissa, I went back to school, learned to master the mechanics of great storytelling, and launched a career writing for film and comics. Finally, I was me

Since then, it's been my honour to work as  production company reader, festival judge, story editor, international writing coach, and instructor at some of the greatest schools in the world. 


So when I get the chance to meet people like you, ready to take the leap and tell your story, I can't wait to help you get started!

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